Shachar – Shards of Light

“As a teacher of English Literature, I appreciate the rhythm, imagery and resonance of Neil Lemke’s poetry. He is a true wordsmith; and his writing reminds me of the beauty, simplicity and mastery demonstrated in the metaphysical poetry of John Donne. Shachar: Shards of Light is filled with poems that range from impressive epic to simple pastoral to wry social and political commentary. With masterful strokes on the canvas of each page, Neil is able to distinguish, empathize with, and articulate the depth of feeling and subtlety involved in each of his subjects.”

Kendra Brown


“Australian-born Neil Lemke’s second collection of poetry, Shachar: Shards of Light, is an intense exploration of the human condition. From the evocative and powerful epic, “Sent,” to his shorter narrative poems, Neil Lemke delves into the inner workings of his subjects using complex imagery which creates detailed pictures in the mind. Drawing from

the Bible, Shakespeare, astronomy, nature, and personal experience, Shachar: Shards of Light showcases the poet’s command of the lyrical. Neil Lemke conducts a literary symphony of hope, love, despair and joy in this beautiful arrangement of his work.”

Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore
Master of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing, Publisher, Author



Poems of Awe

A word from the publisher

Australian born, Neil Lemke (now residing on Vancouver Island), zooms in on some of his best pieces taken from the 2013 release, The Fields of Life: a poet’s journey, with a new pamphlet entitled, “Poems of Awe: A Collection of Five Poems.” Beginning with the epic, “World,” Neil’s lyrical lens magnifies creation with the depiction of Genesis in the Bible while transporting the reader into a literary landscape known as God’s love letters to the world. Echoing the great epic poets, from Homer to Milton, Neil’s mastery of metaphor reminds one of movements in a symphony: the adagio he begins with builds into a rhythmic narrative that provokes, perplexes and pants for want of more. This smaller work is an excellent distillation of Neil Lemke’s first book of poetry – it showcases the epic style along with shorter poems. For readers unfamiliar with certain words and terms, Neil Lemke provides explanatory end notes as a road map for the journey. The pamphlet, “Poems of Awe: A Collection of Five Poems,” reminds the reader of poetry’s power to engage and unite; it beautifully illuminates and demonstrates glory, redemption and grace on earth.

Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore
Master of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing, Publisher, Author

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