(17 at Starbucks)

. . .  giddy joy and surging-romping laughter sunders sunlight in café-automatic-morning-snowballing...

08th Apr

(Sandy Hook)

fathoming all the pain of Sandy Hook dominates the striving-forays of the...

08th Apr


Like a freight-train bursting from the tracks ͜ in surging, blasting, wrenching,...

08th Apr

(the Valley)

driving to where I write, in a small, green car, is apparently...

08th Apr

(spider on grass at sunset)

the fragile journey is hung on silhouetted stalks of fainting   that...

08th Apr
spider web


Heart: face turned countenance of overcast sunsets: hard, gray steel; clenches fists...

21st Jan

(street person)

she shuffled past me in the alley, alert, on guard, defiant of...

21st Jan
street person

(carrie’s harbour)

their voices flow in and out of her studio but their spirits...

21st Jan
website picture - carrie and bird

(this morning)

this morning I saw the nations of grass leaning, bent, weighed with...

21st Jan
Dandelion in sun