(Sandy Hook)

On April 8, 2015 by Neil

fathoming all the pain of Sandy Hook

dominates the striving-forays of the sorrowing, shrieking airwaves,

and mountain ranged, gigantic, plummeting grief stumbles on endless, wailing

plains –

and wishes and prayers and conscience rise like frantic trout to silhouetted

thrashing, struggles …


and we mourn the senseless slaughter,

condemn the inhumanity,

rage against assault-weapons …


and soft, soft from Christ’s undimmed, unnarrowed eyes

the tears flow down …


on fragile, starving multitudes

bayonetted in hidden, boiling continents;

on girls that lie like bruised dolls

on dimly lit Thai beds

receiving the lusts and sweaty brutality of civilized men –

on Syrian children lying,


in streets of unimagined torment,


on hearts slammed shut

until the tragic gunshots echo . . .

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