(street person)

On January 21, 2013 by Neil

she shuffled past me in the alley,
alert, on guard, defiant of
anyone who might want to take her stuff …

and I,
I, a helper, healer, giver
in the name of Jesus,
did not know how to look at her;
did not know what to say to her;
did not know what my heart
                          saying to me …

and Jesus strode across the stubborn
furrows of my soul and
broke and dredged and ploughed the
rock-hard, fortressed ground;
and poured a cosmos of aching,
rocketing light
into the chaos darkness of
my uptight pride …

and in her face
I saw the face of humble angels –

rushing the gates of all my towered, self-defended
insecurity and hurt …

make me street-wise
with your

wounded street-Love …



© Neil Lemke and Lemke Poetry World 2012.

Published in Cast Magazine: Christian Quarterly Vol.2 Issue 1 Pg. 4

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