Welcome to the poetry website of Neil Lemke. I live with my wife, Carrie Lee (Wood) Lemke and our feisty Jack Russell Terrier Jesse, on Vancouver Island, Canada. I am a man with a passion for Jack Russell Terriers, astronomy, symphonic music, U2, (music from the last three hundred years up to the present day), Emily Dickenson’s and T.S. Eliot’s poetry, some of Jayne Cortez’s poetry, Shakespeare’s plays, coffee with friends, sashimi, brown trout, and the love of Jesus of Nazareth. This website contains a sampling of my poems as an introduction to my work. There is also a special section for those who purchased my first book, The Fields of Life: a poet’s journey. It contains comments and background information on some of the poems in the book.

One of my favorite movies is Dead Poet’s Society (1989), and I carry with me the essence of its onscreen philosophy. Paraphrased, that philosophy says, “Writing should be natural, passionate, and honest. Writing should reveal the heart of the author and not just his or her adeptness with language or disconnected observations on life.”

Please enjoy my website and my poetry, and please consider purchasing either my pamphlet, Poems of Awe, or my book, Shachar: Shards of Light. From my heart, may these poems go to your heart.

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